As a C.E.O. and senior level management professional, Peter brings over 26 years of industry wisdom and knowledge in consumer experience, brand building, sales management, marketing management, finance management, effective leadership, strategic planning, brand management and business development. He is passionate about generating profitability and creating business winning strategies.

With a proven track record in increasing brand awareness, market share and profitability, it is clear that his ability to ensure a business is successful is second to none. Best described as a visionary, with a strong ability to see past opportunity and always have the ‘big picture’ at the forefront of his mind. Being results oriented and focused on exceeding set goals and objectives, he is constantly pushing himself and the businesses he assists to work towards being the market leader in there sector. Experience in drastically turning a business’ performance around and consistently achieving increased profits and productivity

  • Development and implementation of new initiatives (mainly focused on customer relationship management) which resulted in increased sales across all areas of the business
  • Strong articulation and embedding of the business’ overall vision and mission which is understood and implemented by all staff
  • Skilled in motivating, mentoring and leading teams to achieve set objectives whilst creating a positive work environment
  • Drive and passion to consistently deliver on desired results and outcomes
  • Ability to identify business needs and successfully implement effective business strategies to achieve targeted outcomes.
  • Solid skills, knowledge and expertise in change management, brand building and sustainable growth
  • Developing, implementing and leading successful business initiatives resulting in increased market share and profitability
  • Experienced in working closely with a wide range of professionals including boards, CEO’s, senior management teams, government bodies, legal firms, the media and other senior executives within industry